Photo of Alex Wertheimer
Alex Wertheimer

Now retired, Alex Wertheimer was formerly a research biologist for the National Marine Fisheries Services. These days, he takes time out of traveling to incredible places like New Zealand and Nepal to do consulting work. A longtime supporter of SEAL Trust, Alex joined the Board in 2012.

Photo of Brock Tabor
Brock Tabor
Vice President

Brock Tabor works as the Section Manager for Water Quality Standards within the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation. He is the Vice President of the Discovery Southeast Board of Directors and is a coach for the Juneau Ski Club. Brock joined SEAL Trust’s Board in 2012.

Photo of Nancy Waterman
Nancy Waterman
Secretary & Lands Committee Chair

Since coming to Juneau in 1970, Nancy Waterman has been an educator, entrepreneur, and citizen volunteer in community and conservation organizations. Nancy thinks about community sustainability and resilience, and community decisions based on comprehensive planning and watershed boundaries. Nancy joined SEAL Trust’s Board in 2014.

Photo of Jay Nelson
Jay Nelson
Treasurer & Finance Committee Chair

Jay Nelson moved to Alaska in 1973 as a biologist with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G). He studied sea birds and marine mammals for ten years with the US Fish and Wildlife Service. For nine years prior to his retirement, Jay directed, Global Ocean Legacy, a project of the Pew Charitable Trusts. From 2001 to 2003, Jay served as the Vice President for North American Oceans for Oceana. He worked for the Alaska Legislature and the ADF&G Commissioner. Jay has also worked for the Southeast Alaska Conservation Council, the Alaska Marine Conservation Council and was executive director of the Alaska Environmental Lobby. Jay is a biologist with a BS from Oregon State University in Zoology in 1973 and a MS from Northern Arizona University in Animal Behavior in 1985. Jay joined SEAL Trust’s Board in 2013.

Photo of Annie Carpeneti
Annie Carpeneti
Board Member

Annie Carpeneti came to Juneau from California in 1970 with her husband who had accepted a one year job.  With a few absences for law school and a year sabbatical in Italy with their children, they have been here ever since.  Annie worked in the Criminal Division of the Alaska Department of Law for most of her legal career.  She has been hiking, biking, walking her dog, skiing, gardening and loving Alaska and Juneau for a long time.

Photo of Katharine Heumann
Katharine Heumann
Board Member

Katharine Heumann is an experienced program coordinator, land use planner, natural resource manager, rural communication and outreach specialist, event coordinator, and trainer. Her experience includes the facilitation of numerous complex projects for the City and Borough of Juneau, the Alaska Coastal Management Program, and the Alaska Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation.

Katharine graduated with a degree in Environmental Geography from the University of California Berkeley and received a post-baccalaureate degree in teaching from the University of Alaska. She has twenty years experience in city and state planning including community development, coastal management, environmental conservation, and environmental staff development.

Her favorite activities include seeing as much of Juneau as possible from different vantage points via hiking, beach-walking, and mountain climbing. Other passions include yoga, reading, the arts, and music. Katharine joined SEAL Trust’s Board in 2015.

Photo of Aleria Jensen
Aleria Jensen
Board Member

Aleria Jensen was raised in Douglas as a fourth generation Alaskan. She works as a supervisory management biologist for NOAA Fisheries Protected Resources Division. She enjoys exploring the wilds of Southeast Alaska with her family on foot, by kayak, and skiff. She joined the SEAL Trust Board in 2016.

Photo of Steve Moseley
Steve Moseley
Board Member

Steve Moseley manages private equity investments for the Alaska Permanent Fund and, when work doesn’t interfere, hikes, hunts, bikes, and snowboards. Before moving to Juneau, Steve was president of a global investment firm focused on providing private equity advisory and management services to foundations, pension funds, and sovereign wealth funds. Steve joined SEAL Trust’s Board in 2015.

Photo of Frank Rue
Frank Rue
Board Member

Since 1977, Frank Rue has worked on resource management issues in Alaska. He began his career working with communities on their Coastal Management Plans. Then he was part of the Department of Natural Resources State Land Planning unit. He was appointed as the Director of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game’s Habitat Division before becoming the Commissioner of Fish and Game.

Frank served on the SEAL Trust Board of Directors for many years before becoming the Executive Director in July of 2013. He retired in 2015, and has since rejoined the Board of Directors. Frank enjoys just about anything having to do with the outdoors in Alaska.

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