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Eagle Beach/Scout Camp Project

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Southeast Alaska Land Trust is working to acquire a conservation easement on a 263-acre property at the mouth of Eagle River owned by the Southeast Alaska Boy Scouts Council. The property, a mosaic of estuary, salt marsh, sandy beach, and upland forest, is cherished by the Juneau community for its stunning vistas, beautiful beaches, and important wildlife habitat. Residential and migratory waterfowl heavily graze the area, and raptors like the kestrel, short-eared owl, and northern harrier are seen in spring and fall migrations. The property is the heart of Juneau’s “Green Zone,” a 20-mile stretch of coastal forest, wetlands, and salmon streams where development has been minimal and outdoor camps and recreation are the dominant uses. Currently, we have received a grant from the US Fish and Wildlife Service to have the parcel appraised.

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The property is located 30 miles north of Juneau off Glacier Highway. The beach on the west side is accessed via a short drive through the new Amalga Meadows Natural Area Park addition at Herbert River Wetlands Park and a 1.5 mile long, moderate riverside trail.

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Property Owner: Southeast Alaska Area Council of the Boy Scouts, No. 608

Acres: 264-acres

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Property Description:
The majority of the property sits on a deltaic floodplain rising above the southern mouth of Eagle River, just below its confluence with Herbert River. This delta consists of uplift meadows dotted with patches of spruce forests wrapped around a goosetongue salt marsh. Between Lynn Canal and the western uplift meadow rests the best beach in the Juneau area. Lying off the river flats and to the east is a ridgeline established with mature and old-growth spruce/hemlock forest. In these woodlands the Scouts have a lodge structure and a number of sleeping quarters situated away from the beach. Other properties owners in the vicinity include Mental Health on the east side border, and the Eagle River State Recreation Area on the opposite side of Eagle River.

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Conservation Values:
This property contains valuable woodlands and wetlands with unique natural, ecological, scenic, and open space values of importance to the people of Alaska. It has extensive sandy covered scenic shorelines;significant anadromous fish resource;riparian and wetland habitat for migratory and coastal birds; recreational hiking and other activities associated with scenic views.

Juneau's Wonderful Greenzone, A Land Status Report by SEAL Trust
(PDF: 5.21MB)

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